Lost NEM Mobile transaction

Hi, I tried to send some NEM from my NEM mobile wallet to another wallet I have, but I now have no record of the transaction.

When I tried to send the NEM it said ‘FAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLE’

I subsequently deleted the app and reinstalled it, but I now have no record of any transactions from the wallet and a 0 balance.

Can anyone help please?


Have you private key backup?

I have. I restored the account using key, but balance shows 0 and no record of any transactions.

What’s address generated from your private key backup?
https://explorer.nemtool.com/ - you can check here.
If it’s empty account it means private key is different than original


It’s empty. I only have one private key. I presume that if it’s different from the original there is no way to get the NEM back?

This was a screenshot I took if any help?

This errors appears because you probably restored from Apple backup. Here you have an explanation New device iPhone - #6 by thomasoehri
I’m afraid that without correct private key it will be not possible

Hello friend, I tell you about my problem between November 12 and 13, 2020, I sent between 200 and 250 nem respectively to a friend’s wallet, to date they have not reached him, he says that he has so many confirmations, but for him time that has passed, it is for them to have arrived. I am attaching proof of sending, I appreciate y

our help to solve this problem.

Hello. You included wrong memo. It should be only digits but you included also “memo” word.
What you can do now is contact Binance support, provide transaction ids (hashes) and ask to send coins back.