LoyalCoin transaction error? [SOLVED]


I did a couple of transfers of LoyalCoin

2 on the list came through but #1 did not


Transaction details of #2 looks like this

Transaction details of # 1 looks like this

What could be the issue?

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Missing nem , help needed

Both transactions (300 and 100 lyl) are on account:
Whay problem you have exactly? It’s not visible in wallet?

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Yes both transactions show on the explorer, but transaction #1 never arrived to the wallet.

If you check also the block for #2 it has details of transactions

But for block for #1 it has NO details of any transactions


Looks like bug in explorer (it tells that there is 7tx but not showing it)
In second one it’s visible:
And of course in api:

“never arrived to the wallet”
What you exactly mean? What wallet? Did you tried change node?


I sent 100LYL and then 300LYL from my NEM wallet (laptop) to my Kryptono wallet a few minutes apart.

The 100 showed up at Kryptono in a couple of minutes, but the 300 is still not there.


You should report to Kryptono. Looks like bug on they side.


Yes I think so too. In the explorer the wallet address seems to be holding 400 LYL
I contacted Kryptono… They are working on it now.

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Problem solved now. It was with Kryptony. To a cpl of week tho

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Thanks for info.

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