Loyalty token in NEM

Hello, I am starting a project for a loyalty token based on NEM using an smartphone app.
Do you know any successful business cases with mosaics and loyalty programs?

I know about nanoWallet, but is there any wallet for smartphones that work with mosaics?

Thank you

Hi xrltechcorner,
Mobile phone application that support mosaics is already on development. Also we do have one successful loyalty program that was already integrated with with NEM as one of its mosaics, it’s called “Loyalcoin”. It is a loyalty program of the company Appsolutely which partners with different merchants so people can avail loyalty points from them. You may join us in telegram as well for more information and active discussion. You may join NEM::Red (https://t.me/nemred), NEMBeria (https://t.me/nemberia), Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/ourNEM/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/nemofficial/). Loyalcoin (https://t.me/LoyalCoin).

thank you for the info.
It is a quite interesting project!
I am the owner of a NEM faucet, but I am thinking about expanding my NEM projects.

Hi xrltechcorner,
Yes and it’s actively acquiring partnerships. You may join the NEM Projects telegram for active discussion about projects as well.

NEM::Projects https://t.me/nemprojects