Luxtag Louis Vuitton

Luxury brand conglomerate LVMH, owner of the the Louis Vuitton label, is launching a blockchain to track luxury goods.

Is there any way for Luxtag to offer their offering as an off the shelf solution?


In the press release, LV said they didn’t see any reason to let a third party like vechain to come between them and their customer.

Thanks for the message.
Yes! LuxTag is just weeks from launching its “off the shelf” solution LUXTAG PAPYRUS.
We plan for a proper launch - and had a professional video commercial team at our office this week.
I had sent a teaser picture of the video production shooting in our official Telegram chat group a few days ago.
Stay tuned for the announcement - and please keep good ideas coming.

Have a great day!

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Thanks for the update @r3n3, I had a look at the release by LVMH, I think that this will bring more awareness to the luxury goods industry which will be a way for brands to have more commercial awareness in using blockchain for tracking. Looking forward to seeing LUXTAG PAPYRUS come to life!


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