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#LuxTag takes great pride in collaborating with Art&Co.,The world’s Largest Online #Art Auction and the 1st Ever #Blockchain Technology Art Drive for COVID-19 Relief.
“Not only did we successfully use LuxTag’s incredible blockchain technology to disperse funds to these charities, but we bridged the gap between art and technology in a philanthropic way.” – Bundeep Singh Rangar, Founder of Art&Co.
Learn more about Art&Co’s alignment with LuxTag and how the Art Auction came to be at


Happy New year!
May the year ahead bring you peace, success,
and an abundance of happiness.
Enjoy your holiday!!


Happy new year everybody!

2021 will be good for all of us. Because …

It will be the year of “The successful launch of the SYMBOL public blockchain”


In this upcoming webinar, Rene the managing director and Co-founder of LuxTag will share his knowledge about blockchain technology and how it can mitigate the counterfeit phenomenon. Catch Rene’s sharing session on [email protected]’s blockchain awareness program: Addressing halal meat cartel scandal on the 25th of February 2021, 10 AM MYT (GMT+8) at


While the NEM Ecosystem is excited about the SYMBOL LAUNCH, LuxTag doesn’t rest and continues to get more adoption! :sunglasses:


Hey guys! LuxTag, which is powered by NEM, is hosting a webinar on Product Citizenship to celebrate the launch of our new product - BrandTag!

Please sign up at this link -


And if you don’t sign up then please at least help to spread the word…

BTW: This webinar is very relevant for industries in the manufacturing and packaging industry, as well as brand owners.

Let’s have the world know about NEM, SYMBOL and LUXTAG!

Check out Rene Bernard’s latest AMA session with @talkchain_today, where he shares his insights on Blockchain, NFTs, Crypto, and much more at #LuxTag #blockchain #DLT #IoT #trackandtrace #NFTs #talkchain #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #NEM 【AMA】LuxTag 迎合数字化时代,帮助打击假冒 ft. Rene Bernard - YouTube