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Today, I have some MAJOR announcements concerning Makoto’s work. I have constantly said that he was in “meetings” and today I would like to give some information about some of those meetings.

You may have recently noticed that there was a press release stating Infoteria is working in partnership with Tech Bureau, an agency that Makoto is teamed with and uses NEM technology. Since their press release, they have had their stock increase $70,000,000. Infoteria connects over 5,000 Japanese businesses providing tech solutions for them.

And just today, a major bank in Japan has announced it too will be partnering to build on NEM and Mijin. For those of you who don’t know, Mijin is a private ledger version of NEM that has long been testing behind the scenes, and that uses the same APIs as NEM, so that companies using Mijin will also have easy access to the NEM main chain. The last announcement about Mijin over a month ago from the devs stated that it is running on 15 second blocks, with 100 tx/s very smoothly. It of course is also equipped with namespaces, mosaics, and messaging as well as NEM’s advanced security features and multisig 2.0.

SBI is the largest online bank in Japan founded in 2007 (by much older companies) with over 2,000,000 customers, access at every convenience store in Japan, and 3.4 trillion yen (27 billion USD) in holdings. They are looking to use NEM’s blockchain technology and services built on top of it to expand their reach as a digital bank.

Additionally, Tech Bureau and Sakura Internet have announced a partnership. Sakura Internet is a major provider of cloud service providers (think AWS but for Japan). Sakura is offering free 6 month service of Cloudchain’s from the Mijin system starting today for developers and businesses to test with additional special services being provided for financial services testing Mijin.

The Mijin fork of NEM is a very create innovation in blockchain technology. The Mijin private forks are designed for speed and security and all businesses deploying them to have a full control over their blockchain, assets, and trading partner. But in building their platforms, those exact same APIs can be used to access the open, decentralized and public NEM blockchain. Businesses now are getting 2 for the price of 1. They have the ability in a private ledger to trade with special trusted partners, or can also trade on the NEM chain with anybody, anywhere in the world.

Since announcing their press release, Sakura Internet in only 1.5 hours had their stock trading stopped as it reached its daily limit for increase.

These announcements placing NEM tech with a major bank, a major consortium of businesses, and the major provider of cloud services in Japan is positioning NEM as the front runner (actually only option) to be the go to chain in Japan (and possibly Asia) for business solutions. The only other live ledger to achieve this kind of business partnership is Ripple and Bitcoin. The only other projects like this are R3, SETL, and T0 which have announced partnerships but have yet to demonstrate a live project for testing. With this series of announcements about NEM, I can say that to my knowledge that outside of Bitcoin, NEM is the only blockchain that started with nothing from nowhere without VC funding, yet has become successful.

I am very proud of the developers and marketers for working so hard to make this reality come true. There have been other people that have helped Makoto along the way like Takao Asayama and Jimmy Homma and many others that deserve thanks too.


Great news !
Let’s hope for Makoto et al. this is the start of something great.

It shouldn’t hurt NEM either :smile:




that’s some really good stuff… xD


yayyy we’re getting somewhere!!! :slight_smile: Very awesome all these developments! Keep up the good work! I hope Xem will have some important role to play in all this in the future :slight_smile: . NEM is so much better than bitcoin and Ripple in so many fundamental ways! When I red the White Paper I was like, wow this thing is serious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is the best white paper for any blockchain I think. Here is the link if anybody else is interested.


Thanks to greantea for pointing this out.

Infoteria’s stock price after partnering with Mijin/NEM :grinning:


How does NEM benefit from it? Mijin is a private blockchain, which I interpret as being a fork from NEM.
So basically Mijin is the big winner here, it won’t affect NEM’s demand nor usage and its success won’t be reflected on its price.
Also, with this the NEM team’s focus will be dispersed on Mijin, techbureau and dragonfly.

Correct me if I am wrong, please


Good question, my understanding is that Mijin uses the same API as NEM. So it opens the door for many companies to take a look at NEM … not quite sure if XEM/fees are built into Mijin or not?

Be nice if others can chime in especially Makoto


It says it uses the same API as NEM, which it also would be true if Mijin is a fork of NEM.
So basically it would mean that Mijin’s own APIs are indistinguishable from NEM’s, not that Mijin is using NEM’s APIs.


Mijin is a fork of NEM.

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what about DragonFly?


great news and just the first in a series of great news that will make 2016 the year of NEM rise


Yes for those wondering we hope to do more great things.


More things to come in the coming months. Sit tight. The show is just starting.


It doesn’t matter. It is holistic branding. More importantly, it is the NEM platform in use. Redhat was borne out of Linux. Linux soldiers on.

Not all initiatives are mijin based. It is the familiarity of the NEM APIs that will make NEM grow. Already we are having lots of people wanting to learn about NEM APIs.

Many will move on and utilise the NEM platform to work on their own little projects. It is this that will grow organically.

We need to understand that most in the community are bystanders and not active programmers and users. What is a better way to promote NEM?

The crypto community is so small. Can’t help quoting again about the 7B people out there who must know NEM. And our approach has been consistent all this while.

We are doing a blue ocean approach, non-conventional to how the crypto community work. You are already seeing its impact now.


Good news. In only a few days almost 100 companies have applied for a free 6 months trial of Mijin Cloudchains. Is there any other chain other than Bitcoin that has 100 real businesses using it as a backbone?

There is also a new Press Release for another company building on NEM called DragonFly Fintech, which was also the winner of an incubator sponsored by a well known group of Japanese VCs.

Here is an in depth PDF from DragonFly.

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Here is a follow up on Sakura Internets stock since announcing Mijin Cloudchains.


Do you guys think this should be a pinned topic? It’s pretty great news.

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I think it is a good idea

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