Manage the Google search result a bit - otherwise my English friends thought it's a scam


Hi guys,

Fantastic job so far! But when I show it to my English friends they didn’t prepare to see anything like this "よくあるご質問 (FAQ) · " - and thought this is a scam.

Most of the English speakers weren’t prepared to click this link if they see something abnormal showing up on the Google search result.

Do you want to fix it soon?

Many thanks.


You are right.
I see it in a similar view. Thanks for pointing that out.

@Saul Please could you have a look into that.
Is that from a Sitemap? hreflang?

よくあるご質問 (FAQ) is the wrong language text. Pointing to

BTW: That faq.html has a light error at the bottom. “Error embedding” See screenshot. I don’t think it’s related to this topic’s error though.


It looks like the Japanese version of FAQ page is being viewed more often than the English version of FAQ page. I don’t know if there is much I can do about that, but I’ll look into it this week.

@r3n3 I can’t recreate this issue. Is it still happening on refresh of the page? This is what I see:


I am japanese.
It is japasese. lol


Hi Master Saul,

yes, shows “Error Embedding” in Firefox and Chrome on my notebook.
At the very bottom of the page.



umm, interesting, I can read a bit of Japanese though, so I know it’s the FAQ in Japanese :slight_smile:

The solution is probably to have 2 sites with different domains? Like and

Probably there are better solutions…