Managed Symbol Networks Solution. Is it needed?

Hi nembers!

I would like to share with you the idea of creating a Managed Symbol Networks Solution in the Cloud :grin:

The need

I managed to create two proof of concepts on top of Symbol. They went smooth in terms of application development, but for setting up a private network of more than one node wasn’t the same experience.

Something seemed off.

The required effort and maintainability were either too manual or hard to find all the documentation.

To me, that’s really a stopper as a solo developer or small teams that cannot effort huge dedication to non-development tasks. Each hour I expend in infrastructure, it’s one hour less dedicated to delivering value to the user. And for the Blockchain Industry, time is XEM.

The good part? Seems like there are more people that feel the same way. Check NIP-11. We are not alone :hugs:

The solution

I have been working in some node automation, that’s quite a craft made solution that only applies for the two Proof of Concepts I created, but I do see it as a good step forward to create a Cloud-Based Solution to create and manage Symbol Private Networks.

Other Blockchains have the same idea, Blockchain Managed Solutions:

So, why don’t do the same in Symbol? :grin:


I would love to hear from you. What do you think? Have you the same pain points?

I created a 3 min survey to know more. I would appreciate a lot to receive your feedback there :slight_smile:


Looking forward to hearing from you :heart:


Two years ago, China had tried “Blockchain Managed Solution”

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That’s so cool @thilon !

Is it only available in Chinese? I cannot find the link to try it out :sweat_smile: , could you share the website, please? :smile:

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Hi @symbolnetwork,

I also find it enjoyable to develop on top of Symbol. Still, setting up and maintaining a distributed private network is not that easy (yet) from the application dev perspective. That’s exactly why we started the NIP11! If you find NIP11 useful and are looking to take part, @fboucquez has recently created an initial NIP11 implementation you can try here.

On managed services, there are some companies working on something similar:

  • Mijin plans to offer Symbol private networks (mijin Catapult v2) under “as a service” modality.
  • IoDLT offers private network configuration services.

The reason why there aren’t other available managed services might be because catapult-server is still under active development (see Finality update). Providing a managed service before reaching 1.0 would lead to deal with breaking changes without a solution to upgrade the private network to the latest version.

I would love to see the scripts if you decide to share them or know more about it if you or someone else plans to create a managed service!


Thank you @dgarcia360, I like to see that more people is working on it.

I will see how other projects advance. :smile:

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Kaleido is doing pretty much everything. For starters, you definitely need an Infura for NEM. Almost all devs on Ethereum use that available node infrastructure to easily get started & scale when needed.

Here’s a list of some blockchain infrastructure providers. Most support already a number of entworks and often provide three tiers with a free plan for devs, a professional and an enterprise plan which would fit to community devs & enterprise focus:

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