Marketing for Nems Symbol through the introduction of and the popularity of NFTs

In the near future will start its service. (Hopefully soon) This could serve our efforts given the existing situation. It could be a chance to increase Nem’s popularity and that of its blockchain offerings and ecosystem. At least it would help us to acquire new users.

This is not just about the NFTs themselves, but about the associated use and dissemination of the symbol wallet and its applications.

My proposal is to allocate a budget that will allow us to attract a few well-known artists to our platform. Maybe even create some XYM only NFTs. This venture should ideally be planned now. The respective people should be involved and committed in advance.

Most NFT platforms are very aggressive in their marketing and it will be hard to get a place if we do nothing. It is currently the case that we can advertise with lower fees, but personally I think that will not be enough. A small team should be formed to come up with a strategy for the future and start the promotion work until things pick up speed.

I would be happy about a lively exchange about what could be done to give the whole thing a best possible start. We must not forget that browser wallets already offers a good infrastructure for existing plaforms that we do not have. I would also like to reiterate that even if you are not a fan of NFTs, this can serve us well in terms of visibility and usability. There are select windows of opportunity that need to be taken advantage of from time to time, I think this is one.







I completely agree, a budget for marketing should definetly be done and reaching out to some artists with influence would help us alot.

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