Marketing Sponsorship Proposal for Kieran's Kids


Kieran Nolan is a teacher at Wooranna Park Primary School where among other things, Mr. Nolan’s students learn about blockchain.

This is a proposal to help his students learn more specifically about the NEM blockchain, make a “Wooranna Coin,” and implement school wide voting on the NEM blockchain for the school.

The first poll was privately funded and has already taken place regarding funding from a different project and what the students would like to study more.


To further NEM integration into his school, Mr. Nolan will need additional NEM nodes set up so that the students can learn about how to set up and run an NIS as well as interact with one, additional tablets in ~15 classrooms set up for voting, and XEM for paying network transaction fees for setting projects on the blockchain. A budget of $5000 should cover the costs to get a NEM program started at Wooranna.

We believe that this is a good opportunity for the children to learn more about blockchain and NEM, and is a good chance for the NEM project to be more altruistic. Funding for this project will come from a special marketing fund setup and under the control of Jeff McDonald, the Vice President of the NEM Foundation.

After a short discussion, a poll will be created in the Voting Center.

More information about Mr. Nolan and his students can be found below.

[Vote Successful] Community Fund Proposal for RocketShoes - a NEM-powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work

A new poll in the voting center has been started! Please spend a moment and give your support!



Only cost me 0.35 XEM to vote ‘yes’ :smiley:


Voting method other than NanoWallet

If you are using the mobile wallet you can also just send zero xem and an empty message to following accounts:




Multiple selections are possible for this poll.
If you make multiple selections, please vote to each of the address.


Great idea gets my vote!

Would it be possible to pay Mr. Nolan in NEM to produce worksheets that are then freely available for download on the new NEM site for similar projects? I am sure many schools and code clubs could benefit from semi-structured guidance on building and then running a node.

Bit of feedback on the type of node hardware that might be appropriate. I have used a RPi 3 and this can struggle a bit in keeping up with the NEM blockchain, mainly due to the low RAM and poor IOPS of a SD card. I have had much better experience with an oDroid which has 2GB RAM and eMMC storage which appears to make a lot of difference. Similar PI like mini-PC exist such as the Orange PI, Banana PI, oDroid, Rock, etc. All come in at under $150 per node with all necessary kit bar monitor




Hey KingCole,

I’m happy to share everything were doing at Wooranna - The entire philosophy of the school is OpenSource :slight_smile: I’ll put together some documentation to share with the community as we build the nodes! :slight_smile:


Great to read, look forward to the updates


Last nights NEM meetup in Melbourne - I spoke about this project :slight_smile:


Is this still running? I’d love to get the documentation for my daughter’s school to try something like this.


it sure is

you could participate in the current vote if you like?


Oh my goodness I’m so sorry I didn’t get the notification for this. There is a vote, or has it moved to NEM Ventures?


hey all good

it’s over

but we’ll be doing another one for next term :+1:


Oh awesome, please do keep me in the loop, my daughter is doing her own project around mosaics and teaching kids about blockchain and fiscal management. She hopes to hold a ‘kid’s hackathon’ to come up with some other use cases.


It would be nice to see that such projects are also accessible via “debianedu”, what do you think?