Meet up new PHP NEM library

Working on my NEM project, I found out that there is no decent php library for nem.

So I’ve created my own open source livrary. Mainly to understand and test all API calls and secondly to provide clean and usefull lib for developers.

Here it is:

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Hey there denis, dont want to sound rude or something but there is a work ongoing here too: with a few contributions from the community.

Please dont take this as an attack on your repository :slight_smile: I just wanted to point out that you may also have a look there as we have done some work on that side too :slight_smile:

I saw that library, and they’ve done really greate job in Core encoding/keypair stuff, bull all I needed is simple wrapper, with couple extended functions. That’s why I maid just two files - nem-api.php it’s all about Api functions as is. And nem-php.php is four or five more complex functions commonly used such as send XEM, send mosaic, get mosaic info - those functions that not realized good in API and needed to have special realization.

As I said - main purpose was to get familiar with all API calls and to provide decent wrapper. And it took about four hours from scratch, so why not.

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feel free to improve the other wrapper too.

Such “out-of-the-box” files may be interesting to have in the other sdk too. Currently the other nem-php on my github, is quite a bunch of files to install, and its sometimes hard to get acustomed to.

Also, if you share the source code, we may help discover inconsistencies :+1::v:

by the way, I am evias :stuck_out_tongue: :v:

i didnt realize you added the link to your wrapper here before :slight_smile: