Membership 2018/2019

I would like to know what happens to those of us who paid the 500 xem (50$ aprox) dues last year on these same dates to get the membership of the year and thus have the option to vote in the last elections. The next elections will be in 2020 (if not before a catastrophe occurs in the current government). what happens with the new memberships? there is no option for new and old members of the renewal? @Inside_NEM @LauraBKK @jason.lee @NEMSecretariatOffice

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In fact, I want to join.

I want to join, too :slight_smile:

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with you and jeff together I’m sure lux tag will go further than Nem (even if it’s based on his chain) :guiño:

Maybe the Foundation should first publish the bylaws.
Or has that already happened?

should be since we are close to the new year and we are still continuing with the 2018/2019 membership.