Missing .Exe file for starting Wallet

Yesterday all was good I had my Nem.Exe file, I shut my PC down and rebooted and every file but the Exe file for booting the wallet disappeared. (possibly because I uninstalled it, and then reinstalled it after maybe without rebooting between installs?). Is there anyway to get just the ‘executable’ for the wallet without uninstalling every single thing from scratch?

Reboot between installs is not needed, but most likely you haven’t stopped the wallet, before reinstall.
I’d suggest reinstall.

(also, why not Lightwallet STANDALONE 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 ?)

I would love to use the light wallet standalone, but I haven’t been certain on how to use it. It was my goto wallet. Basically when I click Nginx.exe, nothing happens.

Just now I opened up the wallet to give it another try and clicked start.bat and that brought up something. I clicked a random host, and it brought me to some options, but I’m not sure how to open the wallet I already have in it Without opening up the other wallet I am not sure of what my private keys are.

Are there any details anywhere I can read that is step by step on how to use the lightwallet version?

I hope you have backup of your private keys SOMEWHERE.

re:lightwallet, I think this one is a good start: http://blog.nem.io/lightwallet/

and this:

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