Mobi: Using NEM Technology To Change The Way You Commute

Mobi is an Australian ride-sharing app that connects neighbours and colleagues with each other to carpool to work or university. The app has a fully integrated, chat and payment platform along with GPS mapping for ease of use.

Mobi is scheduled for trials through late April and is currently developing relationships with organisations that can utilise Mobi in their workplace.

We hope to eventually use NEM technology to develop an ecosystem of carpoolers on the blockchain and change the way society views commuting.

For more information on Mobi please visit or if you have any questions contact


You won’t regret choosing NEM


Hey everyone,

Just wondering how many projects here have successfully integrated NEM onto their platform and how successful the up take is from users?

Any feedback would be amazing!

Thanks guys

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@sateetje maintains such a list:

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Thanks Rigel for providing the link!

As an aside – this link is so helpful, thank you! I was particularly interested in finding other awesome projects in the Education space and notice that all three of the projects listed here are more about Education-about-blockchain (also very important) rather than Blockchain-for-education (with an industry impact). Thanks @Sateetje and thanks @rigel for posting the link.