Mobile App Beta Testing


Here are a few screens from the latest iOS release we are testing.

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new iOS app update will be ready for testing in a day or two. hopefully the next version of android will follow soon too.


I would like to test app,to make more correct translation to Russian language


I requested you be added :wink:


can i have some invite? for testing?


Can I join in App Testing?


nearly each guy have a new mobile phone each 2 years
if the old one is good enought to run a node thats great

power is no issue u can have it forewver attached to a loading cable

it will be just the same as rasperypi

but u dont have to buy it

its the second life of ur former high end smartphone after u got urself a new one


If we’re still sending out invites to beta test - I’m in. Just discovered NEM and I’m impressed. I have several Android phones and I use them all. I’m very proficient with phones.

EDIT: I have android tablets and set top boxes as well.


I can test on Android phone and tablet, if the testing is still going on.


Interested to test on Android.


Android seems to be a lot more interesting :smiley:

But we also need more iOs testers, anybody?

@diSynthetic @megashira1
Thanks, I’ll send you a PM with the details.


Same here: Android testing on Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet


Nexus 7 and iPhone 4 here. So either droid or iOS or both…


I have a question regarding the Lightwallet.
Once the nginx Lightwallet is downloaded and started, it is available in the browser on and it can be used to connect to a remote NIS, for example on
However, if the browser is used to go directly to the lightwallet is available as well.

So why is the nginx server used in the middle, between the browser and the NIS?


This is the mobile app thread, please ask questions about lightwallet in the according thread.

@blue @garp
Thanks for your interest. I will send you details via PM for testing the mobile app.


Sorry to ask, but can you explain me the difference between the two?


Lightwallet is a JavaScript based software, which uses a browser to display the GUI. It might work fine on your mobile browser, but the actual code of the lightwallet does not run on your phone.

The mobile app runs entirely on the phone and doesn’t need a browser to display the GUI.


The mobile browsers execute the JS, so the lightwallet JS does actually run on the phone.
But if I understand you correctly, the difference between the two is:
1.The lightwallet can be used from within a browser
2. The Mobile app is a native app for the OS of the phone, be it iOS or Android I suppose.

Remains the question: in which use case would the one or the other be recommended? Does security play a role? Or will it depend on the preferences of the user?


I don’t know if the JavaScript lightwallet code will run on phones, I never tried that. But you can connect to the lightwallet URL of a trusted node (yours in the best case, but any NIS provides lightwallet - it just depends on if the port is open) and I think people tried that and it worked ok.

And yes, the actual mobile app which is the topic in this thread, are Android and iOS apps.

I would always prefer the mobile app if I want to use NEM on my phone, because it is optimized for mobile devices (screensize, performance).


Would like to test too, Huawei P8 Lite here.