More information about symbol node and harvesting

I have a node up and running (cents 8 installation by following “install a node with symbol-bootstrap” and version 1.0.3 and all is working correctly). in the custom.yml I have set a beneficiary address that is the same where I bough > 11000 xym tokens, then I connected the wallet as harvest to my node (so if i have undestood the node fee going to the same wallet used as harvest.
Now my wallet got fee for 3 blocks of harvest (so the configuration is right)…
my questions are:
when I have an harvest block a part of reward fee going to wallet and a part to the node, node wallet and harvest wallet are the same so i should have 2 rewards.
how can i be sure that I’m getting node fee and harvest fee and they are going correctly to the same wallet?
is there any way to know how many harvest blocks my node has run (maybe from log)?

I have searched in the documentation but I don’t understand it at all…

sorry for my English I hope you could understand…

Thanks for support

Have a look at your account via the Symbol Block Explorer (enter your account address).
When you scroll down on that page you’ll see a “Harvested Blocks” section. There you can check if you’ve received both the harvest fee and the node fee for a harvested block as you can see in the following example:

Note how the harvested fees for block #66962 are split in two parts, 134.39793 XYM (harvest fee) and 47.999260 XYM (node fee).

yes, in the haversted block I can see the last harvest going
134 xym to a wallet (dunno who is)
47 xym to my wallet
9 xym to another wallet (dunno who is)

I supposed 9 xym (I think node it’s node fee) going to my node but not

I see. If you’re only receiving 47 XYM like in your example that means somebody else who is delegated harvesting on your node has found a block. The 134 XYM go to the account who has found the block (a delegated harvester on your node in this case), 47 XYM go to you as a reward for hosting the node (which is a 25% cut) and those other 9 XYM go to the network fee sink account (5% of every block reward, this cut is used to pay voting nodes).

Have a look at the harvesting documentation page for more information: Harvesting — Symbol Documentation

ahhh ok, I didn’t understand correctly the %
I have only receive the fee for hosting the node, so I ever never found a new the block with my harvested wallet. I need to wait more to got the harvest with my wallet right

Thanks for support

do you know how to know how many harvest blocks my node has run from backend/log? if I check logs I can’t see when I receive fee or found a new block with harvest of other wallet

Yes, correct. Once you harvest a block with your own account you will get both the ~134 XYM (harvest fee) and ~47 XYM (node fee) :slight_smile:

No, i’m not aware of such a log on your node.

btw thanks for your help my friend :smiley:

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cat /opt/symbol/mainnet-1.0.0-dual-node/nodes/node/logs/catapult_server*.log | grep "successfully harvested"

thanks you gevs, i can see 5 harvested blocked thanks! (for someone need to know the path in centos8 installation is: /home/symbolnode/target/nodes/node/logs/). On my wallet from i can see reward for only 4 blocks, is it necessary a time for update the explorer?

I also thank to gevs, this is really good hint. But I have the same issue as latkon – under the CLI (grepping the logs) I see more “successfully harvested” blocks, than I can finally see in my desktop wallet. There is no block reward from some blocks as well. Signer hash/ID in the log is still the same (my node) by all the successfully harvested blocks.

Could be related this issue, that somebody else use my node to the forging a blocks? But - if this is the right reason - I suppose there should be part of reward headed to my node (or my linked account to my node), correct ?

Anyway, can I configure somewhere in the node config, how many people / harvesters (or “who”, with some white/black-listing method) are allowed to harvest on my node ?