Mosaic explorer/API


It appears that there is a bit of a gap in the tracking of mosaics. This is because there does not appear to be any easy way to track which account has how many mosaics. As such it will be difficult to send dividends or messages to token holders.

I am sure this functionality would be useful for the NEM ecosystem and I reckon anyone considering an ICO with NEM mosaics would really need some way of keeping track of which NEM address has what. Specifically, if there was an API to get back the following, I think it would be useful:-

List of accounts owning a specific mosaic (and amount held) at a given NEM block ordered by the amount owned (desc) and address (asc) (maybe limit to 100 accounts from a set order)

I know this could be worked out based upon the mosaic creation block and the subsequent block transactions but working it out from scratch each time would be difficult. I also know it could be held in a database, and updated after each block transaction, but if everyone trying to track their mosaics was to do this independently it would be highly inefficient.

Any thoughts?

Maybe this API calls will be added to catapult i don’t know.
Anyway if you want to build something like this without this APIs
1st you will have to scan the whole blockchain and write the desired data in your database
2nd once the 1st step is done apply changes to your database on each block to be in sync
with the blockchain.

I came on to the forum today to make a post asking if this feature could be created. I need it for a project but I think it would be very useful for everyone, especially now with ICOs coming online.

So rather than make my own post, I will ask here if there has been attempt to do this. (I know etherscan can track erc20 tokens so I could switch my project to there but I like Nem much more and would like to use it)

Hi, I see this functionality as absolutely vital in order to track ownership.

With the amount of unused XEM in the community fund it is things like this that should be funded without a second glance.

The next vital part is a mosaic to mosaic exchange - I think Comsa is suppose to be doing this but it am not sure of progress.No harm in having more than 1 though - another community project that I reckon should probably be funded.

I haven’t had enough time spent to qualify for community project funding but would probably start putting at least a web service for a mosaic explorer together if there was some reasonable incentive to do so.

Yep, I agree we need robust tools to work with the mosaics if we want to stay competitive. I have requested a bounty be created for these things

( ).

if anyone else wants to ask it may help get someone on the job!