Mosaic levy share to incentivise staking

Hi folks,

I recently figured I’d try implementing a utility token in my app, but in an attempt to reduce token velocity I thought having some kind of staking/holding incentive would be useful.

But to encourage this I’d need to either periodically checkpoint token balances with a script or use a levy for mosaic transactions. I’ve read that mosaic levies have kind of a bad rap, but assuming I’m clear about it, and perhaps offer a levy split to my stakers, would that sound like a better idea to incentivise holding (a la dimcoin)?

I’d rather use a carrot than a stick, so rather than use punitive measures of script checkpoints to deactivate account features for users with less than X mosaics in their account, I’d like to reward users for holding. I’d still have to do some manual checkpointing (or is there some kind of mosaic POS+ in the works?) which feels like a kludge, but overall it seems like a good option.

What are people’s thoughts about levies here? Given it’d be a one-time decision, trying to get the levy value right on asset creation is pretty tricky.

I’ll just stick to levy-free mosaics to be on the safe side; went with 5m tokens for nemp3.

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