Mosaic wallet address changed after Trezor firmware update [SOLVED]


A few months ago I created a NEM hardware account on my Trezor one, after 2 firmware updates, now when I log in I am directed to a new empty wallet, please support


Hello Mark

  • what coins did you have on wallet?
  • now address is different than before?
  • did you provided correct recovery phase during Trezor upgrade?
  • what is your current and previous NEM address?
  • did you stored on this Trezor other cryptocurrency? After upgrade address changed or not?

Hi Pawelm, thanks for responding. I haveXEM, XPX and LYL in my NEM wallet, I also have some erc20 tokens in trezor/metamask. I just realised I have 2 Trezor seeds, the current account (seed) one was generated after the mosaics transfer. I am now trying to figure out how to roll back to my old account (seed)…(the erc20 tokens are in my current account…)


should I move the erc20 tokens before I wipe the trezor?


You can have only one seed at time so if you want both on Trezor you must move ERC20 temporarily on other address and back to Trezor after you restore or move nem to new seed after wipe and wipe again after that :slight_smile:


There is also other way. There is tool that generate private key based on seed. I will search it. Please wait.


Please look at this tool:

Will allow you generate pk from old seed.
You can import it to nanowallet (Sign up - > Private key wallet option) and move funds to new address.


many thanks!

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