Moving nem from poloniex

Hi guys, apologies for the newb question but I am having difficulty in opening a NEM wallet, I dont know where to get one from how to install it where to find private key as I thought I downloaded the wallet, I am confused lol



What have you tried to do? What wallet did you download?

You can download nanowallet here Nano Wallet Beta 2.0.14 - Mandatory update - Bug bounty paid in XEM

You should make a backup of your private key (click on the “account” tab when you are in naowallet to see your private key). However, never give someone your private key.

Thanks Saul, It appears its my laptop that wont load the initial page, I have tried it on my other laptop and it loads so Ill try from there thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I am excited about nem its a great technology :slight_smile:

Great to hear. I suggest using chrome or firefox when using nanowallet.