Multisig approval request does not reach the signer

There is a group called Japanese organization (commonly called NEMUF).
Here, we solicit donations and paid XEM for those who contributed to the development of NEM.

Currently under multisig management at 6-of-12 under the following accounts, even if we issue a remittance request, we are in trouble because approval request does not reach half of the signer.

Multisig Account is

Is there a solution for this?
By the way, since I personally activate the NanoWallet for 24 hours, there is no need for an approval request.

Thank you.



Since the very first version of Nano and even Lightwallet there was trouble receving the multisig transactions to sign.

From what I found it seemed related to NIS websockets but I will investigate more in the issue.

If you need a workaround asap I can add a “Sign multisig transaction” submodule in service page. It will pull the unconfirmed transactions from NIS API without problems

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Immediately after NanoWallet is released, I think that you are very busy.
We respond with this problem by issuing transactions again or keeping the wallet open as much as possible.
I am very pleased if you can respond when there is enough power.

just as a heads up for anybody else with this problem, this is only a problem with NanoWallet connecting to a remote NIS. If you run a local NIS, you will not have the problem.

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