Multisig. as Authenticator [SOLVED]


Hello Team,
I have over 100.000Xem in my universalwallet. I would like every transaction, confirm via my Iphone.

  1. I made a extra new IOS Wallet in my iphone.
  2. I create a multisig account and add my ios wallet as cosigner.

Now i can not send xem in my desktop wallet, that works…But now i can only send via my ios wallet :frowning:
I like only “Sign multisignature transaction” in my IOS Wallet. What wars wrong in my steps?


After converting account to multisig you can’t init transaction from it.
So as I can expect you converted desktop account to multisig and you added iphone wallet as cosigner so you got 1 of 1 multisig.
If you want have second cosigner you need generate third address on desktop wallet and make 2 of 2 setup. So you can init transaction from third wallet on desktop and confirm on Iphone.
As a matter of fact mobile wallet don’t support sending and editing multisig (only signing) so I’m not sure if you are now able to init transaction (you need to import private key from mobile to desktop to fix this now).

What I can suggest you is to not test on mainnet and first learn on testnet how it works. I can send you some test xem. And also please watch this video:

I suggest you to create 2 of 3 multisig. 2 of 2 is not very safe because one of cosigners is able to remove second and take control over multisig account.

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Many thanks sir. Now it works :grinning:

You need 3 Wallets. --> 2 Wallets on Desktop–>1 Wallet on handy (IOS,Android).
Main Wallet = Multisig Account

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