Multisig Notification question from a newbie


Is just started playing with NEM and I have a question regarding notifications in a multisig setup. Imagine I create a multisig account. According to the specs NEM supports notifications. How does this notification mechanism works? I would say the multisig “contract” is static on the blockchain, so a notification will not be executed by the contract. (another interesting question, if it was…all nodes would send that notification?)

Is this notification sent by clienta using polling on the blockchain?

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At the end of the above release notes, it is announced about the problem.

Known issues
Sometimes unconfirmed transactions does not show up for cosignatories

Clients receive Push notification from the server side, but it is not working properly.
As a countermeasure, we have released a module to get notification from clients.

From the “Service” menu, select “Sign multisignature transactions”.
By doing this, we acquire an un-signed transaction.
And sign the transaction.


Yes, the unconfirmed transaction will be broadcasted to the network. You will be able to see the transaction in the “unconfirmed” tab at the Nanowallet Dashboard.

In the off chance that there is a websocket error, please follow @mizunashi instructions above.

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