Multisig opt-in

I successfully completed opt-in of my multisig account but I still have a question: the procedure doesn’t include generation of VRF keys for the multisigned account.
Is it still possible to start harvesting from block 1?

Another issue: looks like there’s a spurious character in the mnemonics in the PDF file.
I did copy-paste from the PDF to NanoWallet and NanoWallet told me the mnemonic was wrong, I had to delete spaces and type them again to make it correct.

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Are you aware that you still need to run a Symbol node to harvest from block one? If you include VRF keys during opt-in but you don’t run node with this key as harvesting key then you will not harvest (you need to open wallet after mainnet lunch and start harvesting on selected node manually). VRF keys during opt-in gives you that harvesting is enabled but not started (to do this you need run node or connect from wallet to other node) on node at mainnet lunch.
Anyway multisig VRF keys are not supported because of the limitation of the protocol (message size limitations).

Regarding character you are right - there is a whitespace character on end first line of the mnemonic that needs to be removed. Symbol desktop wallet will handle this. Will check if this can be also fixed in NIS1 desktop wallet.

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Sure I know.
I have a NIS1 node, I’ll setup a Symbol node before launch.

Is this VRF key a replacement for the delegated harvesting key?
Will i use this key on Symbol node like the delegated key is currently used in NIS?

How can we check the Symbol mnemonic?

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No. It is a separate concept and is required for both local and remote harvesting.

If you want to delegate harvest, you’ll have to delegate to a node once the network is stared.

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