My account was multisigned, I can’t export XEMs


My account was multisigned, I can’t export XEMs. Please help!

Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you


What’s your NEM address?
Who did the multi-sig operation?


@Fu_k054539 you did it probably yourself:

Cosigner is NA3MZM72LRCVRJYXLIXWHQDKNUMLHY6KFO253ICC which is Coincheck address. I’m sorry but by your mistake you should consider these coins as lost. Coincheck will not agree to risk private key exposure (it’s required to remove multisig) for 92.585 XEM.


oh shit, i feel sry


Yes, It was my operation mistake to set Coincheck address as a cosigner.


@pawelm @mizunashi

I asked Coincheck to remove multisig.
I do’nt know what will happen, but I would like to watch the situation a little more.

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Oh man that happens really often…


@pawelm @mizunashi

Coincheck answered that we can’t support.
So, I asked them again to move all XEMs from my multisigned address to new one.


Coincheck answered again that we can’t support.
I gave up the signed account’s Xems…


Sad, because it happened to me today and I hoped to find an answer here…


hello @oldbear555
could you give your address? Just for check.