My local start script

Sharing this in the hope it can help or inspire others.

If you want to run Nem locally, you have to start up NIS, then NCC, then access it with a browser. I use this script to do it all on a Linux host.

<br />#!/bin/bash<br /><br />PATH=/usr/local/jre1.8.0_40/bin/:$PATH<br /><br />tmux new -d&nbsp; -s &quot;nem&quot; &quot;PATH=/usr/local/jre1.8.0_40/bin/:$PATH ./ &amp;&amp; read a&quot;<br />tmux split-window -t &quot;nem&quot;&nbsp; &quot;PATH=/usr/local/jre1.8.0_40/bin/:$PATH ./;<br />tmux split-window -t &quot;nem&quot;&nbsp; &quot;uzbl;<br />tmux attach-session -t &quot;nem&quot;<br />

Thanks dudeā€¦ agreed just works!