- marketing gadgets (only XEM accepted)

great store mate,
when I have a few more xem i’ll be getting a couple of the coffee mugs… although $30aud seems a bit rich :stuck_out_tongue:

I am working on lowering the prices - the store is getting much more popuar now so I can produce more for less :slight_smile:
I will let you know!

this is awesome. great community service and great for growing the appeal of NEM. i’ll be buying some goodies now. quick question, is the receiving XEM wallet an eligible harvesting wallet (ie transactions will improve PoI score)? I’m assuming the answer is yes because this is obviously beneficial for both the buyer and seller and aligns with the NEM vision.

hi there. is your plugin purely for Woocommerce or can it be universally applied to ecommerce platforms? Either way I’d be very interested to learn more about how you went about it.

Hi @nemblanceofreason

Its made only for WooCommerce but can extendable with some knowledge of platform you want to extend too.

I have written a tutorial on how to it is setup here:

If you are a developer, there has come some really good tools out lately. can find mostly here. I know some guys on Telegram working on backend services for payment gateways, which will make this extending process even easier.

Great time to jump in!

Its really great work. Loved your designs of tees and I will order it sooner. And the demo version is really superb…