- marketing gadgets (only XEM accepted)

Hello all nembers!

I have just launched the - the store where you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirt, cups and stickers with NEM designes. I am not a dev, but I was wondering how to be part of this amazing project :slight_smile:

All items are custome made. The time I need to prepare an order for shipping takes up to 5 business days. Estimated shipping time takes up to 8 working days (worldwide).

I would like to spread the NEM idea around the world so this shop is for all nembers. That’s why I have a question for you - what prices are you able to pay (XEM) to order your own gadgets?

I am waiting for your feedback.


Looking good. I made some purchase yesterday.

Looks good. When I first find your site I was in the middle of a move so I waited. At the time the price of Nem was USD $0.008. Today the price is USD $0.048. I will make a purchase if the price can be lowered so I don’t have to pay 600% price change or if you would accept fiat currency.

I agree with the last poster. I want to buy some things and support the store but it’s hard to pay the equivalent of $100 for a cup.

but… it’s a nem cup :open_mouth: I agree definitely haha. My stickers cost me like 30 bucks, that’s as expensive clothing as my laptop earned sweating so many hours!

on a side note @Pszemek_Bit , i would offer a little hour of coding to provide you with a GET API checking the XEM price live from Polo if you wish so? (as used in NanoWallet)

what we would need for this is the actual price you wish for the items. PM me if you are interested, such an API takes less than an hour and can be deployed to Heroku for free :slight_smile:

Take care :slight_smile:

Sorry, guys! I have to update the pricing :slight_smile:I will let you know when it is done.

Hi guys!
I just have updated the pricing (:

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I just placed an order but unable to finish. After I filled in my info and created an account, on the right hand side where I see a NEM address and instruction to use my order ID as payment reference but no where do I see an order number. I clicked Place Order button thinking I’d see my order number but there was none. When I click back to see the Nem address again, it is greyed out and not allowing me to copy the address(don’t want to type the address by hand).

Edit: I just got an email confirmation with order number but no nem address. I am not going to hand type the nem address. Just my feedback on the site design. Also, an email says I can login to change my password but I do not see that option, nor my order history after login.

Thanks for the feedback! I am working on these bugs! I guess you are Alex?

Looks good Pszemek_Bit!

I see you are using Woocommerce. I have just created a plugin for WooCommerce which lets you automatically take payment and settle your orders in XEM. I assume you are buying the goods in a fiat(EUR & USD) currency, but with XEM beeing volatile I guess you have to update your prices alot. With this plugin you can price your products in EUR or USD and take payment in XEM. I have also added a parameter so you can choose to show prices in your shop either in

  • Just Fiat
  • Fiat & XEM
  • Just XEM

To always have updated prices without killing the database or timely APIi request, it is all cached at timely intervals. The payment process is offcourse built upon standard Woocommerce processes, so any other 3pt plugin should also work with this.

If you want to try it? I will gladely send you a copy. It will soon be released on the wordpress repository otherwise.


You can see a demo version here:

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Hi Tos!

It is great to hear that! I would love to test it!

Could we catch for a quick skype call? My id is: sailormind.

What is your timezone?

Yes, my order is under Alex. Please let me know when they are fixed and I will place my order again.

This is fantastic. We need more of this for XEM spending. Awesome, I’ll check it out when I get home.

@Pszemek_Bit great, can you join telegram (NEM Telegram and Slack Auto Invites)? We can chat and have call there.

This is my id: robinped and here is a direct link

Perhaps I jumped the gun and the site is not ready, but I went ahead and placed another order because I saw someone posted a picture of a shirt he ordered from your store. I sent the funds over but the checkout page is still stuck in Waiting For Payment status.

Hi @awu25,
so you have not seen the adress?
Chek it now. Now you can even pay directly from nano wallet with QR code.
The prices are also flexible.

The order was placed almost 2 weeks ago, I no longer have the order page. I sent the fund over with the reference number and then another via Nem message with the address to send my order. The reference number is fc0fc5b030

Now I see. This transaction -

I would like to aplogize. On Monday I am going to send you the roder with a few extra things. I hope we will still spread the NEM idea around the world together :slight_smile:

PS. I had some early stage issues with the store so I will be grateful for your understanding. You will be satisfied with the package (:

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No problem. Always good to see Nem put into use.

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