NEM Telegram and Slack Auto Invites

We have multiple channels in Slack and Telegram.

The two most important are the Red Team and Nemberia.

The Red Team is for focusing on serious NEM topics and how we can help to promote, market, and develop NEM. It is a focused and serious chat.

Nemberia is an off topic chat where it is free to talk about XEM price speculation, the general state of blockchains these days, as well as a just anything in general a person thinks is interesting and wants to share, even if it is unrelated to blockchains.

We have other more specialized groups people can be added to like a chat for mobile testers, website translators, a tech channel for developers to ask questions and more special groups for specific projects like Crypto Apex and wallet development.

If you would like to join Telegram, here are the two public invite links.

Telegram is now self-invite. You can type the following links to get us.

Red (on topic):
Nemberia (off topic):

Slack invite is currently under construction.

The Slack invite will put you in a general discussion with not a lot of chatter but if you ask, you can be added to Nemberia or Red Team.


@jabo38 please check and if neccessary repair the link to NEMBERIA. I tried today and got a “broken link” message from Telegram.

Or it this thread already outdated? Then link it to the new one and mark as DEPRECATED?

Hi. Thanks for the response.

Telegram is now self-invite. You can type the following links to get us.

Red (on topic):
Nemberia (off topic):

Slack can be joined by emailing me your email invite.

I’ll update the OP

New Slack Invite link

ohhh, very useful, I’ll add as soon I got my telephone

Sorry what does this mean?
I like to get invited to Slack, where do i see your email?

there’s an error when I try to join in Telegram :pensive:

ummm the link is correct, i now conect well.

Don’t know…I have the same problem with the link.:woman_shrugging:

I managed to join
There might have been some kind of error, and I don’t know why :upside_down_face:

Try again
Maybe you’ll be just as lucky:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Everything is good. I am lucky:)

is there a new working slack invite link?

I can’t join the slack because I don’t have an email address with the right domain. How can I join?

I’m having same issue. How can we get an invite to Slack?

I got the right link here: How to join nem's slack - #2 by Xavi

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