Namespace Improvements

I would like to see namespaces have a meta data field. Then they could be used to point to a server’s IP like everyone keeps on asking. But there could actually be a lot of other useful bits that could be stuck in there. I’m sure there could be other directory use cases.

I would also think about rental fee times being more flexible. Maybe somebody only need a name for a month, or maybe somebody wants to have one for 10 years so they will pay in advance for it. If one year is the minimum, okay, that is fine, but it still seems like somebody should be able to buy many years up front.

When there is a “_” it would be nice if all the clients showed it as an " ".

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I like the idea of a field for metadata. More flexibility would be great too but I don’t think we should go beyond 2 years. 10 years is a long ass time and it would suck if a person dissapears and their namespace is taken basically for good (because who would wait that long?).

/edit: This one meta-data field is basically all that Emercoin seems to offer. Every single service is based on a key-value pair.

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yes, meta data field is interesting.

i also think that it shouldnt be a lot more than 2 years. i am even ok with 1 year. people can renew it before somebody else can take it, so there is no problem imo. it is kind of an auto-lose if not maintained, i like that.
but i do like the idea to by a namespace for a shorter period of time.

i dont think we need that. what if somebody wants/needs a “_”?

that is funny. so there 15 features that they have pumped like crazy was just that one little thing. I believe it. thanks for the info.

to be fair their features are still pretty great. But they do all seem to build upon a key-value store. Shows how much is possible with a seemingly minor change.

yes. they have done well for themselves.