Nano Wallet shows my Harvesting status is INACTIVE

I had to restore my PC from a recent backup. I was able to re-import my wallet and the balance is accurate. However, in “Services/Manage delegated account” it shows “Remote Status” ACTIVE but “Harvesting status” shows INACTIVE. I tried to start harvesting but I have no idea what node to select. I have a print screen of when I did the original harvesting activation and it only shows the node’s pub key. How do I determine and re-select the original node? Is there a way to find out the dn or ip from the delegated pub key?

You don’t need to select same node. You can choose any node with free harvesting slots. (supernode column)

Please remember that when node you are connected will restart then your harvesting will stop. That’s why I suggest you to use You will put there your delegated private key (not account private key) and tool will handle harvesting for you.

Here is tutorial: