Nano wallet trazor loading timed out

When you enter the nano wallet trazor and click on mainnet next, the loading will stop and the message ‘failed to create wallet, reason: loading timed out’ will appear. How do I troubleshoot? nanowallet 2.3.2

Is Trezor’s firmware up to date?
Especially, in the case of Trezor T, only the latest one is supported.
Please check the firmware.

Thank you.


  • push one button on the Trezor to wake it up
  • if it doesn’t help try on other Internet provider (if possible).

Currently, I am falling into this situation.
TREZOR today has a firmware update.
Is not it related?

I tried 2.3.2 and 2.4.2
Both were useless.

BTC and other coins operated without problems.

I’m sorry. I was able to connect as time passed.
I think this will be a problem when connecting to the Trezor URL.

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Read this article about proper Trezor Wallet Installation. Maybe, it will be useful for you and you will fix the problems.