NanoWallet application name

are there any considerations regarding name of nanowallet? It is not very intuitive and can cause confusion. How about NEMWallet? :slight_smile:

I got recently caught up in a very confused conversation regarding nanowallet and how it sends e-mails just to find out that when I asked friend to install NanoWallet, he went to (among his first hits on google) and set-up account there. At first I thought it was scam but it seems like it is genuine project for crypto currency Nano. I must admit their name makes sense :slight_smile:


Agree. Who is in charge? Who can decide this? Who can make it happen? Is it simple change? We could release both brandings, for start.

@Quantum_Mechanics @mizunashi @jabo38 looks like a good suggestion. What you thinks about change the name?

Official NEM Wallet

Nem wallet looks good for me.

We could just fork it and change the name :joy::joy: haha just kidding but yes I agree! NEM Wallet!

I suggest creating a pull request :slight_smile:

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Haha true, would be pretty easy to change the name :wink:

Pull request is one thing. We need to change/start using new name all over in places we using it. Webpage/fb/Twitter and so on.


yes, I agree that renaming app is easy, changing all the references from all the places is trickier. Perhaps NanoWallet can be deprecated for a while and be available as an old version of the wallet. I understand that there was a wallet before nanowallet so the process of rebranding official wallet should be familiar to some :slight_smile:

on a side note… there was suggestion on telegram for a name “my NEM Wallet” which has kind of a ring :slight_smile: Rebranding is also an opportunity for some promo perhaps :slight_smile:

I guess changing the name nano wallet from the website its a good start. Then educate people and teams to use that name in presentations and 101. Meanwhile others can take off the nano wallet reference from other places.
Will take a while but we have to do it!

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It worked well until now, when Nano wasn’t a thing I guess. I’m also on board with changing the name, but it’s gonna be tricky not to cause any confusion.