NaturesCoin—An Asset-Backed Crypto Economy that Creates Social Capital and Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

NaturesCoin is a sustainable blockchain economy focused on the goal of making the planet better.

We are motivated by the biggest vision on the planet today: The United Nations Sustainability Goals. Its mission is to make the world better for everyone by 2030

  • It is an economy that supports any sustainable enterprise that falls within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • It is backed by assets that have real value and generate returns

  • It puts a value on social capital. For the first time corporate social responsibility funding moves from being a cost to a company, to an asset on the Balance Sheet.

  • It means that corporations, Governments and NGO’s can re-establish trust and transparency with people and between themselves

Rather than being just another company in the Crypto currency world, we assessed blockchain technology in the same way we have built successful companies over the past 30 years:

  • Is there a real problem that this technology can solve?

  • Does that problem affect a lot of people?

  • Does our solution eliminate the frustrations those people have now?

NaturesCoin can answer yes to these, and this will form the basis of a successful economy.

Project Summary
NaturesCoin is utilising the blockchain technology to build a peer-to-peer economy that focused only on sustainable industries that fall within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A single, trusted, global platform that everyone can be part of and can deliver outcomes anywhere with the certainty that every dollar is spent as it is meant to be.

By using blockchain technology and an asset backed NaturesCoin token, companies and investors could turn their corporate social responsibility contributions from a cost into an asset on their balance sheet. It means instead of doing the least amount they could get away as a PR exercise, suddenly it becomes an attractive investment.

It creates a new asset class of social capital that changes corporate social responsibility funding from a cost to a tradeable asset. Now it becomes attractive for a corporation to support sustainable causes.

It builds transparency and trust back into the system. Through the NaturesCoin tokenised economy consumers can engage and support causes and brands that align with their values, and businesses have a new engagement channel with consumers.

Building this ambitious platform to connect corporations, investors, people, governments and NGOs requires expertise across many disciplines and a deep understanding of the regulatory and financial markets globally.

With an anticipated launch towards the end of 2018, NaturesCoin is building a platform that will deliver both security and utility tokens tradeable on regulated exchanges in allowable jurisdictions.

Our mission from the beginning was to solve a real global problem that affects a big audience. With the right approach, blockchain as a powerful emerging technology eliminates many of the frustrations currently experienced by people, corporations, investors, governments and NGOs in making our planet a better place. Instead of trying to change a broken model, NaturesCoin has built a new one.

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