NCC Wallet import to NanoWallet in 2020


I have zipped backup of NCC wallet with two files: *.adb and *.wlt
I found this import manual:

But this way required to have working NCC wallet.
I have downloaded the NCC wallet from here:

but NCC wallet fails to start (I’m on Linux), NIS also fails to start.

Is it possible to import NCC wallet to NanoWallet?

Hi. What problem you have exactly with running NCC?
You can ping me on Telegram (@cryptoBeliever) for support.

Don’t know exactly.
There is the traceback

I have OpenJDK 11 installed if that matters


  1. Install OpenJDK 8
  2. Change using version: sudo update-alternatives --config java
  3. Run NCC wallet, if it wil error - run NIS
  4. Or in NCC wallet go to Settings > Host >
  5. Then: