Need Help to Get Started



I’m new to NEM and have just finished Mark’s NEM course. My goal is to work with NEM soon, but I’m not very confident yet.

I’m not sure where to go from here; what should be the next step now? What was your recommendation for the first projects to do?

Thank you for all your help!


Where can I see this Mark’s NEM course? thank you! :slight_smile:



thank you! @eddy :slightly_smiling_face:


as much help as possible to the Nembers!!!


Thanks for going through the Devslopes course! there is a community on telegram called @nemprojects ( where you can explore what other projects are doing.

Other than that, you could try to look into our GitHub ( to see if there areas you would like to learn or contribute.


@jason.lee thanks!

Are there any other resources that I can learn from?

Thank you very much!


Yes this is one of them which was shared by @jabo38 before -

@jabo38 may be able to help with more resources.


Thank you @jason.lee! :grinning:


Thank you for help! Im new to Nem to, didnt know that there are some cources.


Hi welcome!! You can visit:

I hope help u


There will be a strong push to go digital for this year too, look forward to see more content available for the community.


Is it available anywhere in the net?


oh thanks for sharing!


I’m also new here and these resources are very helpful. Thanks a lot!