NEM API Grapical Interactive Tool

Hello all,
let me show a new project that can be valuable for NEM developers as well as NEM trainers.

NEM API Graphical Interactive Tool is a graphical tool running on Node.js that enables faster and simpler development of NEM Projects.


  • Easy interface
  • Connect to a custom NIS node or a default one
  • Pretty print server responses
  • English and Spanish translations
  • Review your past requests JSON data
  • Generate a wallet for testing
  • Generate QR Codes
  • More than 20 different api requests available

Currently you can test it on a live website:
spanish version
english version

I am working on it to be opensource.


I have already uploaded main files into github repository

Currently commenting not minified javascript sources. It is opensource using MIT license.

Applied for Development Project Bounties, so I you like the tool, give me a like :wink:


Develop Catapult compatibility



New update! version 1.1.0

I have added two new functions: Get network time from Node and get mosaic supply from mosaicId (this one is hidden in NIS API doc) but it is working.

Also full commented code is already available in github!

Do you buy me a coffe? XEM: NC3I3X5J6NUO6GXSHDH5B3QXS3TK5Q2XMZOO2HTU


Oh, men, this is so cool! I’ll definitely buy you few coffees lol!
I would be happy to collaborate for catapult compatibility, let’s get in touch on the slack!!

Thank you very much! :wink:

What are your areas of expertise?