NEM Apostille - A NEM Notary System - Community Fund Proposal


+1 thanks Howi53


good idea, i’m in


I like the idea very much.
Have you given the long term sustainability more thoughts yet, @jabo38?


First part of the plan is to get the website and wallet up and going. Then look around and see where we are.

Second part of the plan is after it is up and running to continue to develop the wallet version and website version based on feedback.

The wallet version will obviously need people to fund their transactions themselves.

But for the website. I would maybe like to seek 1,000,000 XEM from the unconventional marketing fund and then give away as many free stamps as possible. That would give me 38,000+ stamps. Then I would like to post all over the internet that NEM offer’s a free Apostille service, so people can now notarize and time stamp their documents. I think if we can build a nice website and good service, this could be a really good chance to help advertise that NEM is pretty awesome tech, get people to look into it more (way better than a faucet), and all the funds go right back to harvesters so they are happy too.

If we got 38,000 transactions, I would consider that a huge success, at which point we might want to look into becoming a real business. It would be nice to get a million transactions a year and charge a small amount for each. That would be enough I guess to keep a small business up and going part time. Or look to offering services with large contracts that want their own Mijin chain and want to do A LOT of stamps as a part of a larger on chain business plan. But if we didn’t even get 38,000 and we were giving them away for free, then I guess it wouldn’t have been viable as a business anyway, but at least we gave it a good try.

All that is a loooooong way away and many things would have to happen first. Right now we are just trying to get some basic free and open source services up and going to help NEM out.


Great name. Liking the proposal so far.

Is the NEM notary system targeted for real users for real-world use cases?

If so, I can see the NEM Apostille service adding more value to the NEM ecosystem :rocket:


Yes. We think in additional to banks that want to make sure their financial records weren’t altered, there are other institutions that would be interested in this. Basically anybody with very valuable data that needs to prove for sure to themselves that it is accurate.


##Voting Has Started

There will now be 5 days of voting on the NEM Apostille Project.

Please write a “yes” or “no” message to the following account if you support/reject this project:


Thanks for Voting!


Just curious, if this project is not approved what would the team members do instead, related to NEM? Nothing? Or is there a baseline roadmap that gets worked on by the core team, regardless of any community approved fund releases?

Will the development of mosaics, for example, be delayed of slowed down if funding is released for Apostille?


Hi, this is being coded by QM and Rev who are not Core members at this time. If it wasn’t approved, it would have probably been released as a basic version anyway just to make NEM better, but it is nice to have seen so much support for this project. This way Apostille can have more time and effort spent into it.

The Core developing team is actually working on a secret project codenamed Catapult everyday.


how much to send? im thinking if i send 0 the 10 will go to fees. why not send 8 then fees will be 2?


Vote is over. Thank you all who participated.

Final count was the following:

COUNT: (‘108 voted’, 0.05743605546756523)

COUNT: (‘0 voted’, 0)

Which gives 5.7% in favor of allowing this proposal to pass the first round.

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Just an update for everyone. Apostille in the Nano Wallet is coming along fine. And has already added extra hashing functions above and beyond what we originally planned for.

We have also conducted tests on the mainnet and testnet and things work well.

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Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!


That was a message mainly to Makoto and Lon for a longer term ninja release idea. I CC’ed the marketers to keep them in the loop. This is for NEM, I’d rather not have the other blockchains know we are pursuing this angle. Thanks


It is an important project. I know Nanowallet is tested today. Any news yet?


Finishing up a few things and I’ll create a dedicated thread with a link to the test version :slight_smile:


First version of Apostille will be in the Nano Wallet this Friday.

This will be the first 2.0 blockchain notary service. It allows users to create blockchain notaries and send them to specific HD accounts created just for those notaries. These notary accounts can now receive messages with updates about the object or file represented in the notary, and with the use of NEM’s multisig contracts, control of notary accounts can be transferred to other users. This marks the move from blockchain notaries being a simple first generation onetime hashes, to being notaries that are updatable and transferable.


I would like to do apostille based applications.
Do you have API documentation on Apostille?