Nem as it is, not where it's going


Being new to the NEM blockchain, I don’t think I am in any position to comment of the funding requirements for the foundation or technical department, so will steer clear of both subjects for the moment.

What it has lead me to wondering is how NEM would fair if neither groups managed to get any funding for the projects they have in mind ?

Is the Nem blockchain able to function as it stands or would it collapse without the foundation or tech group future input ?

From what I have read so far, I can see NEM being an incredible tool for the ordinary (SME) business and people in general who want to take back control of their finances from the banking system.

So I suppose the point I really want addressing is this:

If nothing else develops on the NEM blackchain and it were to stay as it is, would it continue to work ?

My apologise if the question seems a little simple, but I like to make sure I am on solid footings before I set off anywhere.




The core developers are paid by Tech Bureau. They’ve never had anything to do with the foundation or the people involved in the other proposal other than collaboration.

There are also unaffiliated people contributing.

If everyone including the core developers gave up and went on holiday forever what would be left would be the current closed source NIS public chain and the private Catapult code that still needs a lot of work to become a public chain.

The node structure is subsidised heavily by NEM funds. Once that ran out the incentive to support it may not be high enough apart from a few die hards.

If both of the current proposals failed I’m sure something more modest would be cobbled together.


I think what OP meant was that if neither of the two proposals had enough votes for funding, can NEM continue to exist without the foundation or NEM Labs? NEM would still have a big war chest of hundreds of millions of XEM. I’d like to know the answer to OPs question too. NEM seemed to run fine from 2015 onwards without a foundation, why can’t it continue to prosper without?


That is what I meant to ask suki, perhaps it was not a clear as it could have been.
From what I am researching on the NEM platform I am seriously impressed, and reading about the future products as well shows there is more to come in the longer term, and that is all to the good.

If I’m looking to put products on a blockchain I want to know it works now and in the future as it stands.



So what’s the current progress of the project? Where is it possible to find a roadmap?

#6 here you go please, you can find everything there


Thank you, there is a good video presentation