NEM Authenticator - Be a beta tester

Hi Nembers!

NEM Authenticator has reached an important stage where we can open a public beta. We want to share the working progress soon and often, as much as a security critical app can do.

Process to be a beta tester

  1. Submit your application (NO longer available)
  2. Setup the multisig account manually (we will add a simple tutorial to know how)
  3. You will receive the application in few days (we expect 2 days)

*We are working to share the application without need your email

###Feedback / issues / bugs
We will use this thread to report the bugs found meanwhile the project is not published at GitHub.

When an issue is found, the beta tester should report the issue following the next template as much as he/she can.

  • OS: Android 7.01
  • Task: Signing a transaction
  • Interaction: Click sign button
  • Causes: Application closes
  • Application account: TAZM4L-SMAHPD-EKHJJO-6MVMBQ-3C2KCJ-ME5A2D-YFOJ

In case that it’s related with a transaction included in a block, the transaction hash should be included to be able to track the issue.

The application only accepts TESTNET accounts

###The project status

  • NEM Authenticator: WORKING IN PROGRESS
  • NanoWallet component: PENDING
  • Documentation: PENDING

Because of NanoWallet component status is PENDING, the beta testers need to setup the multisig account by themselves to be able to use NEM Authenticator.


A public project roadmap can be found here

NEM Authenticator is public!

iOS: Coming soon

Interesting links related:


Having a easy solution to create a 2-of-3 multisig account would be really great. I was thinking about a recurring payment solution which would also need a 2-of-3 multisig, and I suppose lots of other scenarios could use it too. It would open the door to develop solutions where a third party needs to initiate a transaction to be confirmed by the user. Sure it is possible to develop it today, but the barrier to setup a multisig account by the user is too high for broad adoption.


Totally agree, until we got the NanoWallet module the barrier to adopt the application is high. The first beta testers will have my help to create the 2-of-3 multisig account.

The NanoWallet module goal is exactly this, lower the adoption barrier with an automated process which configures for the user the 2-of-3 multisig account, ensuring a good setup and showing visually the steps to sync the NanoWallet accounts and NEM Authenticator mobile app.


isn’t multisignature already a blockchain auth?

I think this is desperately needed based on real world experience on the Telegram channel from users. Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming more mainstream, we are seeing a new wave of people joining who have less knowledge and need simpler solutions to secure their wallets. The underlying functionality exists in NEM multi-sig, this is an abstraction of this underlying security into a end-user friendly solution. Can’t wait to give it a try

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I can report that my first test was successful, more testing is needed. Not easy at the moment to setup for the average user, but that is all under development.

Here is the Testnet confirmation as evidence -

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Since the update came several hours ago, it applied it.
NEM Authenticater is positioned as one of the products of their make. Today, with a brilliant updated UI, We can feel it.

We are happy to announce that the NEM Authenticator is available in Google Play! The iOS version is under review by Apple, so we will have the iOS version soon :slight_smile:


I used NEM Authenticator android app.
The app is easy to use.

I will post what I felt and found when I used it first time.

  1. Only one address(=private key) can be imported.
  2. I can not see my address which I imported.
  3. I can not remove or replace address.

If I am wrong, please tell me.
(I read document on google document,so I know that there are plans to implement functions which allow to create/remove/modify account.)

Anyway, thank you so much for your work!

I have also tested the app, and I worked with no issues :slight_smile:
Agree with Kanna in
A. I can not see my address which I imported.
B. I can not remove or replace address.

Further comments

  1. Multisignature must be set up before. Perhaps that could be smarter some how
  2. Would be nice if the private key could be “attached” via barcode
  3. Feels “wrong” to type in the private key

Good work!

Hi @Kanna & @ulf , thanks for your feedback and test the application :slight_smile:

I have just added this points as a tasks to be implemented in the future!

By the other hand,

The points, that you mention, are already set as a task. Some are responsibility of the NanoWallet 2FC Module (pending to be developed) and others of the mobile application.

We know that they are important and we will implement them asap.

I downloaded nem auth on Android and entered my testnet but the app won’t launch/ says check your internet connection, im guessing I had to send an application but that isn’t being done anymore. Shall I just leave it since there’s no need for another beta tester?

Hi @Nemiskewl,

I encourage you to test the application :slight_smile:

Your error is because the testnet node that uses nem auth is down. We have to wait until it is back :sweat:
Because of your post, I will update the error message, displaying both cases 1) user has not Internet 2) The node is down ←this is the test node that uses the application


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@Nemiskewl, I have updated NEM Authenticator to point to another test node because has been down for a week.

Download the latest version at Google Play


Hi, has the NEM authenticator been officially released?

The Android app still says “Early Access”

I’m unable to find the roadmap mentioned on this post too.

Meanwhile the application already works on both networks, the web page that should help people to configure the application isn’t done yet.

In case we could create a good tutorial to create the multisig account and people can follow it without troubles, I can opt to release the application without the website.

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i just got to trying this out again, is the latest release testnet? i import a testnet and it says check password even though im entering it in correctly.

Is the password less than 8 characters? The NEM Wallet accepts passwords with less than 8 characters, we enforce at least 8.