NEM based MuleChain's crowdfunding campaign is now live accepting investments

MuleChain’s Reg CF crowdfunding campaign is now live at the StartEngine Portal Site -

Please feel free to visit the site if you would like to participate in this crowdfunding campaign and make an investment.

Those NEM members who have registered at our website before the official launch date will be eligible for the 10% bonus. Please visit and read the portal site for further details. Thanks.

MuleChain could become a people movement to create new job opportunities with your help. Every traveler could be a mule and every person staying at home could become a pack station owner. Everybody, rich or poor, young or old, able or disabled, men or women of any race and origin, will have this new job opportunity to work whenever they feel like to in order to earn some occasional extra income or even to make a living for themselves. In addition, the new convenience assistance service concept could help drastically reduce fossil fuel burning, lower carbon footprint, help improve our environment and save many trees!