NEM being overlooked

It seems to me that NEM constantly gets overlooked and underestimated.

I came across this earlier, posted on the Cryptocurrencies Reddit group -
cryptocurrencies-working-products/ NEM is missing from the list.

A couple of posts on there ask ‘what about NEM?’, but there is no satisfactory answer.

Us NEM holders need to post/upvote on all social media - Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc.
I also have a Pinterest topic - ‘Blockchain’ that I fill with NEM info (and other Cryptos also).

It just takes me a few minutes a day, to upvote and post.
If we all did this, I’m sure it will raise awareness of NEM, and hopefully increase adoption.
It is worth a try anyway! :grinning:


I think it’s been secretly hard coded into the protocol.

After all this time it still amazes me how invisible it is. Lots of people shriek ‘marketing’ but pieces of shit with no formal budget have multiple times more visibility.

No idea what the answer is any more.


It is their job

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I am confident most people and online media promoting crypto are paid to do so.
I have even noticed a new type of shilling and that is the “buy Bitcoin!” hype that has been thrown around for the last 6 months, while the price has steadily decreased…
Bagholders abound.
Some TA analysis on youtube even have the gall to suggest that we are in fact in a “bull market”, lulz.
Crypto = shills paradise.


Bitcoin is almost certainly the one and only coin that isn’t professionally shilled. It appears to be universally disliked by every shitcoiner because it’s not one.

They’re the ones with the money to throw around.


Rather naive point of view since Jamie Dimon and John Mcaffe both have interests in it and have done a pretty good job of shilling so far…Just to name a few.
Dimon FUD shilled it just before the pump while JP Morgan invested in XBT( calling it trash before the December pump,shilling sellers to sell cheap).
Mcafee shills it constantly, yes but he has a large enough audience to make a difference (Shilling buyers to buy at the peak).
In hindsight the advice they gave was wrong, misdirected and indeed contrary to their own actions = SHILL.

So the success of a decentralized platform lies in a centralized organization that funds a minority of the platform’s development? Seems like a recipe for failure…

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I would say that placing word decentralized in front of ‘everything what you can think of’
is recipe for failure.

Success is combination of technology , management vision and developing team skill set.
Question what one should be asking is - what nem offers differently?
I would start with properly standardized tech documentation first …