NEM Beta 0.6.93


There will be no more installer. NCC has not been supported for a long time.


Is the Nano wallet most convenient way to use NEM right now?


Yes. Nanowallet is the best wallet option for NEM currently.


Where is the latest stable version of Nanowallet then? The download page at features the lightwallet, not Nanowallet.

I uninstalled NIS+NCC after exporting for lightwallet, and then copied the files from But when I open the lightwallet by running start-nginx.bat, it says it’s experimental, it doesn’t connect to a working node and there’s no option to import the JSON file I exported.


use this one:

this works on any OS with browser.
Chrome or Chromium is advised!

You do not need to install NIS unless you want to harvest or run our own node on your local machine.

Here you have a tutorial about NanoWallet:

Maybe it will be useful to you.

Do not delete any old wallet files or passwords or private keys before you double chek if your imported wallet in NanoWallet works.
And one you manage do not forget to make a copy of your private key and save it in some safe place.