NEM Beta 0.6.93


Thanks a bunch for your reply :smile:

By the way, I might be an oaf, but is there a way to empty a NEM wallet with 20001 NEM in it in just one transaction? :confused:


yes, the trick is sending 19999 xem and burning 1 xem by adding a small message ^^


Haha that’s one way of doing it, yeah :wink: thanks!


Why i still have the “old” fees?


NIS supports it, but the client does not support it.


do you know how long i have to wait?


It is completed on github.
I think that it will come out as soon as the guide is ready.
For details, I do not know unless it is Core.


Ok i wait, thx for help :slight_smile:


do you have a actual build? I stuck on gulp… “missing script: devApp”.


Although it is unpublished, something that was Buld was out.


I am using the Android Wallet. No app updates on Android. Do I need to wait or can I send XEM with lowered fees without update (which does not exist)?


Will check on it and answer tomorrow.


The store should contain the updated app now.


It is blue now :open_mouth:


What do you mean?


New release of the Android client resolved my issue with signing a multisig transaction with the new fees.


I can’t download the “NCC / NIS installer (deprecated)” from the official site.
NB: Installer may have become dead links.

The dead links of the official site gives a bad impression.
Please fix it!


can you post link which is dead?


The Interface is now blue.


I saw the official website now. It was fixed. Thank you very much.

But, I would like if there is an installer.