NEM Beta 0.6.93


I am not sure I eventually set up Nis per the instructions, and that has been running for days.

I edited the servant.bat and the nis config.

my account shows the correct blocks via the node list test button


The reason i am asking is because if the node was synced from scratch, then the boot account is not known to NIS at time of unlocking for harvesting. It then gets pruned immediately from the unlocked accounts. That will be logged and thus can be seen in the log. If you want to be sure everything is ok then just restart NIS now since it is now synced and all accounts are known.


ok will do
just to make sure, on the wallet node (green circle) should I enter localhost in here as I did previously with the NCC cllient?


If you want to use your local node, then yes.


thank you I will leave that as localhost

So in the delegated harvesting section, do I select localhost here as well, or another node, or leave it alone?

Apologies for all these questions, believe it or not, I found setting up the previous ncc client/supernode easy!

I think the problem is, the information to set up a sn with nis, is aimed at people running on vps rather than windows?

not sure though


Well the supernode is using the delegated key as boot key, right? So if you have auto harvest upon booting turned on, the supernode should harvest with that account, no need to start harvesting in Nano Wallet again.


Got it thank you for your help :slight_smile:


I have a question.
Is multisigCreationFee type of b) or d) ?
Is it flat fee?


Creating / modifying a multisig account is b) (flat fee of 0.5 xem)
Sending txes with a multisig account has flat fee of 0.15 xem for each signature and an additional fee for the inner transaction which is dependent on the inner transaction.



I am having some trouble with this release. I downloaded the stand alone version as I like to run a full node, however when I try to run RunMon.bat a cmd window opens but then instantly closes.

If I try to run 0.6.87 (the last version I used) then the blocks and NIS seem to load fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@Hai, you need to start NIS via the start script (runNis.bat or depending on OS), not via the monitor tool.


Thank you BR! I will try that now.

Just to let you know the start guide still says to run the runMon.bat file.


Sorry for being a big newb. After I run NIS how do I load the Nem browser client?

On the previous version running runMon.bat it would load automatically.

Once NIS is loaded should I then run runMon?



you have to use Nano Wallet now.


Oh ok. So the standalone client is simply for running a full node to secure the network but not for actually using the Nem network for transactions et al.?


Standalone now only includes NIS (the server, that is not a client) and transactions are initiated with the Nano Wallet client.


Ok awesome, thanks for the quick replies.

Looking at the client section of the website I don’t think it is very clear. It says this:

“The original NCC/NIS Installer. We suggest using Nanowallet, or NCC/NIS Standalone instead.”

Which makes it seem like you can use nem with either the standalone client or the nanowallet. I think it would be a good idea to add some text underneath the standalone client link explaining you can’t use it for transactions.

Thanks again for all the help BR.


@BloodyRookie thanks for the many explanations up until now, but I’m a bit concerned about NCC going away.

Essentially, I’m using NCC as a way to more securely store key pairs (I don’t want to store them in a database, I prefer to just store the passwords for the keyfiles there – that way two secrets need to be broken ; correct me if I am wrong here)

So, I have this list of API endpoints that I’m using on the NCC:

  • /info/nis/chain/height
  • /node/status
  • /wallet/create
  • /account/transactions/incoming
  • /account/transactions/outgoing
  • /account/transactions/unconfirmed
  • /account/find
  • /wallet/account/reveal

For actual transaction sending I’m using NIS directly (also for /transaction/get).

So will I be able to use those NCC endpoints with the new version 0.6.93 NIS? As an upgrade procedure, can I just upgrade NIS and leave NCC as-is?

Also, I might’ve missed this, but there is no API to estimate transfer fees, right? Because I’ve been having a lot of “fun” lately trying to empty wallets with a balance of 20001 or 30002 (etc) in just one transaction :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!


yea, that should work as long as you send transactions to NIS directly. NCC won’t be able to calculate the reduced fees for transactions.

No, there is no such API.


I have one question regarding the latest update.

Please can you check here the 1st question: