NEM Beta 0.6.93


features are enabled, great! :slight_smile:

unfortunately I have an application running on github which doesn’t allow regular http requests any more. but @BloodyRookie already stated he will try to get it done. thanks in advance!


Yes I will try and help with that HISTORICAL_ACCOUNT_DATA once things are sorted

I downloaded the nanowallet windows version.
There is no config properties file in that package.
Or come to that, no NIS folder. Just 2 folders locales and pnacl

I checked my user folder in case something was in there. There is a nem/node-rewards/servant/logs folder and that seems to be it.


lol, i meant NIS and Servant on your supernode. Nano has no config.


wow I don’t know how I managed to be running a sn for this long - I don’t get it

Sorry - where do I paste my delegated private key? both servant and Nis


You got NIS and Servant running on your supernode. So there must be some folder where the files reside.
search within those folder for and
Edit in those file nis.bootKey and servant.key respectively.


I am running windows 10 on a pc. I got the nano wallet windows version from here

If you open the zip file, there is no nis folder or config files.

When I used the ncc client, there was a servant config (that I edited as per the supernode guide) and I installed to a folder of my choice.

Also the ncc standalone, was installed on a local drive, and again I followed the directions and edited the nisboot key etc via the nis config.

However - the tgz standalone file I just downloaded and opened, does contain both of those items.


ugh :smiley:

Are you running the supernode on your PC at home?


Yes I think I know what you are going to say :cry:


which version should I be running

because of this, I thought I had selected the right one


I chose the wrong version ?


ok, let’s put some things straight:

  1. Nano Wallet has nothing to do with Supernodes, you cannot run a supernode by running Nano Wallet. It is only a client which can replace NCC.
  2. NCC is an old client and has nothing to do with Supernodes, you cannot run a supernode by running NCC.
  3. NIS and the Servant are the only modules relevant for a supernode.

Having said that, You need the standalone version 0.6.93 to update your supernode. The standalone does not contain NCC any more but NIS is contained. So basicly when you upgrade you do what you always did when upgrading to a new version with the only difference that you don’t upgrade NCC (because it is not present any more in the archieve).

With regards to the configuration, the standalone has a folder called package and in there a subfolder called NIS. Inside that folder there is the file

The Servant installation must be somewhere on your computer. The top folder for the installation is probably called something like “node-rewards” or maybe only “servant”. inside the servant folder there must be a file that you need to edit.


I think I get it
Nis is synchronizing atm.
I have edited both the servant and nis files, and have pasted in my delegated private key.
Once nis has finished its thing, I will start the servant.


ok, lets see if it works.


ok I have started the servant


Hi my account is showing on and passing the block tests.

The sn side of things isn’t passing any of the requirements yet. Is there anything else I need to adjust, or will it take some more time?



Just give it some more time.


ok will do thank you


I there any chance of the nano wallet having an auto - update feature?
So at present I have to purge my old wallet, delete it then download the new wallet and
import my .wlt file into the new version?
Can I jus’t update my old version?
Also is the .wlt file going to be an ongoing feature?
Just say your .wlf file gets corrupted or lost.


Hi My supernode has finally received its first payout since updating to 0.6.93.
However I dont appear to have any blocks, empty or otherwise being harvested, which seems unusual.

advice appreciated


Well, the only way to check ist to see the log. Did you sync the node from scratch or not?