NEM Beta 0.6.93


I did do this last night - then reactivated, but for some reason it didn’t work


so atm my remote status is ‘deactivating’ so I guess I will wait and see

I did do this just before you posted, but the instructions you have given were exactly what I did

Not sure what went wrong yesterday/today but fingers crossed

thank you for your help


Just looking at your last tx and it is wrong…


Remote should not be the same as sender, not even sure how this tx went through


mmm… that address is my main account I have used from the start

I pasted that addresses remote account public key into ‘remote account’ on the nano wallet

then selected deactivate

so was that key wrong?


sorry to clarify I posted that account numbers public key using ‘custom public key’ option - then deactivate


Got to sleep now, as early start.
I will check how things are doing in the morning :thinking:


You seems to have pasted the main account’s public and not the remote public key, or it would not be showing the same accounts. Each account has it’s unique remote.

Anyway, if I remember correctly the NIS version 0.6.87 has a fix in case someone send it’s main account instead of the remote. It should probably deactivate I guess.

Wait for the remote status to be inactive and then activate new remote simply by sending an activation tx from manage delegated account.

The account you see in the greyed input when accessing manage delegated account should become you remote for harvesting to work.


Last night I followed your instructions and deactivated my old ncc key.

Then this morning I activated the new nano wallet account.

Remote status = activating Harvesting status = inactive

It has been more than seven hours, and the status is still ‘you must wait until your remote status is active to start delegated harvesting’

Is this normal? How long should it take?


nem-docker has been update to this version
You can use it with the helper scripts from the master branch in the repo linked above, or you can use the rb2nem/nis image from dockerhub.
The nem devguide also uses that version.


mmm… ok I will try ty. looks complicated


That worked! thank you

Harvesting and remote status are now both active.

Do you need to make a new entry in the database for me, as I am not showing on nembex etc


So the final outcome is that you now have a new delegated key? Then yes, need the data for the key to make a new entry.


Hi would that be the delegated private or public key?


delegated public key.
The new delegated private key should be placed in the config of NIS and the servant.




I have already placed the delegated private key into the servants config.

I couldn’t find the NIS config - where is it located?


dunno your folder structure. The distributed zip/tgz has it in the NIS folder ( If you have a file, need to update that too.

Your new db entry is:


can you (or somebody else) provide a node with HISTORICAL_ACCOUNT_DATA activated running on https? this would be cool :slight_smile:


can you (or somebody else) provide a node with HISTORICAL_ACCOUNT_DATA activated running on https? this would be cool :slight_smile:

It’s not running on https but you can try:


ok will try to get it done on monday…