NEM Birthday Riddle

some free XEM for solver is here
“timeStamp”: -196603795,
“amount”: 625290315,
“fee”: 250000,
“type”: 257,
“deadline”: -196603795,
“payload”: “359e770eba30724ca7d474d21500af705c902b96b8510f1acd4b2405e98bd61a863494382952f7d7a8794395b6df1fff53f2fdd5f61a70e26d02b9706d3bcbde234eb63075573572ce6b466ddd15912e6781ed77a547bf0014f1c011c60ca73f”,
“type”: 2
“signer”: “c639f49a578b9fee0d73f7d2bb8c22708ce9acea9beb5fd6cfabcf4027900766”


hint 1:
hexly speaking, the first private key consists of 0,1,5,a,b,c,d,e,f

hmmm, I must be close then. Are you suggesting it starts with 015 ?

hint 2:
:wheelchair: = acce55

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Oh, no way that is for my brain :smiley:

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Haha that’s what I think about the majority of technocal threads :sweat_smile:

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it seems somebody has completed the first step, got the first private key and moved rest of xem to prise account NAXQ7P-6DU7LG-VWVDVK-RLA53Q-UDJ7M5-YAJ6YY-VCXK
so here is hint 3:

:wheelchair::shallow_pan_of_food::taxi::coffee::bed::baseball::neutral_face::label::zombie::elf::leo::maple_leaf::cut_of_meat::bell::honeybee: = acce55f00dcabc0ffeebedba5eba11face1abe1deade1f1e01eafbeefbe11bee

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hint 4: seems that timestamp somewhere in 2009


  1. copy/paste “privateKey” pictures -> :wheelchair::shallow_pan_of_food::taxi::coffee::bed::baseball::neutral_face::label::zombie::elf::leo::maple_leaf::cut_of_meat::bell::honeybee:, which leads to twitter emoji collection; the difficult part was to find alternate names which can be easily converted to something hexadecimal (wheelchair -> access is not that obvious, you know …) The second hint helped a lot. Encrypted message then says TSAP_NI_RAF_OOT_PMATSEMIT_ERULIAF (FAILURE_TIMESTAMP_TOO_FAR_IN_PAST backwards)
  2. convert negative timestamp to epoch date/time (NEM nemesis block is 0 NEM time and that is 1427587585 in epoch time; -196603795 NEM time therefore is 1230983790 epoch time, which gives Saturday, January 3, 2009 11:56:30 AM according i.e. to
    Googling a bit suggests it could be close enough to the bitcoin genesis block - pk is first btc transaction hash (as the encrypted message hints)
    (not easy to guess, because the time is a little bit “off”)

In fact, I tried all possible sequences from btc genesis block (even those backward ones) on the day 1, but missed the tx hash. Then abandoned the idea because the timestamp was not precise :wink: … got back to it after last hint, which led me back to it.


Very nice… I was looking at the NEM blockchain, didn’t think to look into other chains.

I can understand you, it’s good exloring new options, you never know what you’ll find

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