NEM Blockchain Center - Should it be shuttered?-


Establishment of NEM blockchain center seemed to be a good idea.
But how is it now actually?
These are just my thoughts and let me share with you.

(the website is not updated

Does it generate any revenue?

It is offering very cheap price for spaces, is there anybody rent it currently?

How many people are working there? (is it all?)
What is rate of operation?

Will the number of workers be reduced?

What do you think?
It looks like “NEM vested interests center” to me.

by the way Ecobit’s business address is very close to NEM blockchain center.
Someone please visit them and say hello.

NEM block chain center will go under Partnership team if the new proposal passes.


I also think that this facility should be closed.


Why website is not updated??


How about closing or reusing it?
For example, it is used by companies related to NEM.(ex. LuxTag)


Which project are rented?
Why Ecobit not rented?


Hi @Takeuchi

Thank you for the question. The NBC was set up initially to create greater awareness and have a place that inspires confidence in the blockchain industry. With that initial purpose in mind, NBC has fulfilled this purpose. I cannot count the number of times outsiders have shared with me that with the NBC, they realise that NEM is serious about helping people adopt blockchain into their enterprise processes and find new channels of revenue for their businesses.
Bearing in mind that NBC has only fully come into being in June 2018, in the 6 months it has been fully operational, we have had many large enterprises do their workshops and brainstorming in the facility, like Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga National Berhad (national electric company), Maybank, and many more that is too long to list. We have hosted Ministry visits (helping to shape the view of government departments towards blockchain). In the past, we have had projects rent space from us too such as PundiX and ProximaX. This is a good source of revenue. The meeting rooms are also frequently rented out. When some of these projects grow into a large enough company, they moved to their own space, like ProximaX. We have also been holding enterprise training to create greater awareness of the NEM blockchain and it has brought in many engagements with enterprise.
All in all, NBC’s presence have inspired confidence in the NEM Blockchain as a whole. Big enterprises in the region would like to know that there is a team that is housed to respond to them should it ever become necessary. NBC has also been a great help to those who are not familiar or comfortable with blockchain to become more comfortable and confident that blockchain’s future is solid.
That being said, with the new council’s direction heading towards sustainability, NBC will steer itself towards generating revenue to ensure sustainability too. There will be plans to look at generating revenue from the NBC. In fact, as we type, there are many ideas being collated to see how best to turn this space into an exciting, sustainable space for blockchain industry in the region. If there are ideas that would be contributing to this, please do share them here.


Thank you very much for reply.
Speaking of revenue generation, is there a cost benefit analysis?

How many staff are there?
How many devs?
What is the task of Business Development? What business are they developing?
What is the task of Executive Assitant? Who does the person assist?
Why the website is not upldated?

Have you visited Ecobit business office which is very close to NEM blockchain center? Ecobit is the first ICO that uses NEM blockchain. Probably good to communicate and work with them more closely to raise awareness of NEM.


Why website is not updated??


Hi @Takeuchi

The analysis is being done. There are almost 20 staff at NBC of which 5 are tech/developers, and there is the Global Finance function being housed in the NBC. The business development team was initially set up to engage enterprise, government and academia to help spread the awareness of the NEM blockchain, but under the new NF structure, they will be driving partnerships, SIs, exchanges and so on.
The website will be updated with the reflection of the new direction that the Foundation has shared.
We always work with partners to leverage on the strength of partnership to get as many events into the NBC as possible and will continue to do so.


got it, thank you.
I’m not sure how partnership goes but let’s see.

Now I feel happy to see NEM Blockchain center is being imporoved,
at the same time I feel dissapointed that it wasn’t improved until new leadership took over it.

sorry i don’t know. I have never been there and don’t know Malaysian blockchain environment.

looking forward to seeing the updated website soon


I really like the NEM Blockchain Centre. As far as I know there’s some restructuring going on in the operations team and we should give them some time for that; and furthermore, encourage the NEM Foundation and NEM Community to maintain the centre.
I really encourage everyone to come and check the place out themselves. All NEMbers are highly welcome and invited. There are even napping pods and a really cool blockchain library corner.
Credit goes to the (perhaps partially “previous”) NEM staff who supported the installation and setup of the space!


I think it was helping a lot of people getting know about NEM and it is one of the best ways of engaging startups/projects. It will be a big waste if we close it. It will also cost a lot too.

I don’t think the cost to maintain the space is high. Current pricing model should be good enough to cover the cost.

Looking forward to hearing a good news from a new management when the new proposal is passed.


Indeed, the NEM Blockchain Centre (NBC) still has a lot of hope and possibility.

As the team shares update on areas with little visibility to the community, we can all recognise the untapped value that NBC can create. I have visited the space and can see the vision for NBC to take South East Asia to the next level with NEM blockchain adoption, especially with the boost through the new structure with a product-focus and revenue-driven approach.


Thank you Jason for your comment!
Alright, I’m looking foward to seeing NBC with more transparency and accountability :wink:


There will be a presentation at the upcoming council meeting on the NBC strategy and we will share this with the community if the funding is approved so that the any costs and expenses will and must be justified.


Thank you @r3n3, we definitely welcome you and the LuxTag team anytime, and all NEMbers are welcomed to visit anytime.