NEM Bot - Facebook / AI

Hi everyone,
I was trying to explore the NEM API and in the process built this small project NEM Bot -

Currently it can…

Monitor your supernodes
Monthly / Daily NEM account updates
Sell Merchandise/products
Help you by pointing to the right NEM resources for buying XEM/ development resources / News etc.

Let me know your thoughts.

Note: NEM Bot is still in alpha development phase and is expected to break. let me know if you find any bugs or if you have any cool ideas.

AI is disabled at the moment. Will release it in the next release, smarter version coming soon wink:

PM me if you would like to support this project


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Are you only using chatfuel?

Yes, I’m using Chatfuel but this is confined only to interact with the facebook messenger API. Chatfuel JSON API acts as a middleman, communicating between Facebook and our server to dynamically serve the content across.